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Time spent with family is worth every second. - Author Unknown

what to expect during a family session
Family sessions are all held outdoors and are very relaxed. For me, it's about finding the joy. whatever it is that makes your family laugh is generally what to expect during your family photoshoot. I take a slight lifestyle approach to these sessions, limiting the poses, giving you much more opportunity to just be you with your family, loving each other silly! I will often tell you to forget that I am there and just be, let a moment take place without too much of my direction or interruption. Of course I will still guide you slightly to ensure you're all looking your very best and you don't feel too awkward. I encourage you to do just as you please, whatever it is that feels natural to you, whether it be having a laugh over something silly, a cuddle, hold hands, or simply just sit and chat together. The main focus for me behind the camera is to capture the connections between you, so while you are spending time with your family, I will find some beautiful moments that you may not even know are happening, but thanks to me and my camera, you can remember them forever.

While you are forgetting I am there, I am a big fan of joining in the fun too. I love interacting with little people, getting up close and making them giggle! On more than occasion. I have been on the very bottom of a hilarious stacks on pile after telling children to catch me as I have run away, your children are my little adventure guides. Being outdoors allows us to just explore the surroundings on offer, so even though I am always looking for the best little nooks along a path and keeping an eye on the beautiful light, if your little person tells me to go left, then we go left! Imagine the exciting things we can find when we veer off the planned track!

The age of your children is never a big factor on how a session will go, I simply be ridiculous regardless and make sure whatever is happening, is getting smiles and laughter and everyone is letting go. As long as everyone leaves at the end of the session feeling full of happy, I am happy!

when to book
It is ideal that you contact me well ahead of the time your family are hoping to be photographed. My schedule does book up months in advance, so planning ahead as best you can will help to avoid disappointment.

Keen to know more?
You can find even more in depth details on a family session on our Your Family Session page, so this is my invitation to go on a little adventure of your own!

Get in touch today! To find out more or to book your session with Tiny and Brave, please use the form below or contact me directly;

0422 042 804

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