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Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life's most precious moments. - Anonymous

what to expect during your maternity session
Maternity Photography is one of my absolute favourite sessions to photograph. I take a slight lifestyle approach to these sessions, limiting the poses, giving you much more opportunity to just be you with your family, loving each other silly! I will often tell you to forget that I am there and just be, let a moment take place without too much of my direction or interruption. Of course I will still guide you slightly to ensure you're all looking your very best and you don't feel too awkward. I encourage you to do just as you please, whatever it is that feels natural to you, whether it be having a laugh over something silly, a cuddle, hold hands, or simply just sit and chat together. The main focus for me behind the camera is to capture the connections between you, so while you are spending time with your family, I will find some beautiful moments that you may not even know are happening, but thanks to me and my camera, you can remember them forever.

We'll have loads of laughs, I make the most ridiculous jokes...in fact I won't feel complete if I don't go home with aching cheeks ;) 99% of the photos we will take will be without you even looking at the camera, of course I will get the odd one here and there, but I am a much bigger fan of you having each other's attention more than mine. We'll get together, go for a walk and find the gorgeous light, simply sit quietly together and imagine who the little person growing inside will become. Just relax and enjoy the time out from your every day while I find gorgeous moments to help you remember.

when to book
It is ideal that you contact me somewhere around the end of your second trimester to schedule a date for your maternity session. My schedule does book up months in advance, so planning ahead as best you can will help to avoid disappointment.

keen to know more?
You can find even more in depth details on a maternity session on the Your Maternity Session page, so head on over for a little extra reading!

Get in touch today! To find out more or to book your session with Tiny and Brave, please use the form below or contact me directly;

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