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Learn that people photography is about people, not about photography. Great portraits are a side effect of a strong human connection. - Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai

tiny + brave style
I take a slight lifestyle approach to my family sessions, limiting the poses, giving you much more opportunity to just be you with your loved ones. I will often tell you to forget that I am there and just be. Let the moment take place without my direction or interruption. Have a laugh, a cuddle, hold hands, let everyone be the tickle monster, go for a walk, play ring-a-ring-a-rosie. Just relax and enjoy your moment.

timing + duration
Family photography sessions are scheduled in the late afternoon/early evening. The gorgeous golden hour, right before the sunsets. Offering soft, light images of your family enjoying a warm afternoon, a freezing cold evening, enjoying the fresh air.

Family sessions typically run for anywhere between 30-90 minutes. This timeframe will vary with each family, but I tend not to watch the clock. If everyone is enjoying themselves, the weather is playing my game and I seeing some beautiful moments, I tend to just keep going.

Ultimately, the location of your session is entirely your choice. I am located in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and have some absolutely gorgeous favourite places in my area, but am open to most locations throughout Melbourne and surrounds too. If you have any favourite places your family loves to visit, that’s a great place to start! Or if nothing springs to mind, let me take you on an adventure!

Nothing is more important to me than you being completely comfortable in how you look and feel when you are in my company. The clothes you wear should be something you love, something that makes you feel beautiful.

Light neutral colours always work really well. If you would like to include a colour, it is best to pick just one or two and work around that, just try not to all wear the same thing or you may potentially clash.

For little people, try to avoid large prints and logos as these can be quiet distracting in your photographs.

If I have lost you here, let's chat further about wardrobe options prior to your session.

When you invest in me as your family's photographer, I truly value this opportunity and aim to provide an enjoyable experience, images that reflect my creativity and finished products that protect and display your stunning portraits for many years to come.

I offer an extensive range of beautiful boutique products, with desk art starting from $245 and wall art starting from $395. Find out more about Tiny and Brave's family photography pricing.

how to book
If you think my work fits in with your family and lifestyle, then I would love to hear from you!

Get in touch today! To find out more or to book your session with Tiny and Brave, please use the form below or contact me directly;

0422 042 804

Abby + Leigh_98